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Scott Murphy

My latest work has been informed by early retirement, a serious car crash and the promise of a grandchild.

The get well balloons in my recovery room inspired the balloons in my recent paintings. They fly by their own free will, much like I could do when I was hallucinating. I was what shape or form I took when I flew. I just knew that the farther away and the higher I went, the less I was connected to my life back home.

I saw horizon lines stacked like pages in a book and watched as they turned from line to plane beneath me. The decision to come back to my bed seemed to be made in a very casual way, like reaching for a coffee cup or watching the rain through a window.

Now that I am back and once again connected to the earth, it feels more important to get things right this time. I hope the viewer will enjoy the metaphor of things that fly in my new work and maybe let a few things go in the process.