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Zoey Cohen Leege

My paintings are acrylic on masonite. I like having a smooth surface to paint on; canvas feels too rough. Also, masonite is affordable. Each painting is based on a photo I took of Lake Superior over the last year, combined with something I find interesting, beautiful or just strange. I have an undergraduate degree in art history, so elements from ancient art and architecture are a common theme. I also love antiques, archeology and am fascinated by secret societies.

I started painting last fall while taking a painting class taught by Adam Swanson. I have wanted to start painting for about 20 years. In the past, I got as far as stretching a canvas and starting a few paintings that I never finished. I have done some illustrations for posters over the years but had not been able to get in the habit of making art a part of my life on a regular basis. Now I try to start a new painting every week. Having a routine helps.