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Alexa Carson

I am a painter in awe of nature. Since childhood I have been fascinated by dandelions, awestruck by turtles, and amazed by the perfection of the world when untouched by modernity and invasive technology. With adulthood came the realization of the paucity of respect for wild-ness in our culture. I am compelled to change that.

In the past, my work has primarily been thematically focused on wildlife. I have addressed the inherent perfection and value of each individual of all species. Humanity tends to value only that which it finds economically helpful or particularly rare and attractive. I paint all species in their own glory, undeniably important, not subject to humanity’s flawed value system, in an effort to connect the hearts of viewers to the precious world of which we are stewards.

The intent of all of my paintings is to foster a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world, its processes it’s inhabitants.