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Terry Millikan

Terry grew up in Rochester Minnesota in a creative family. An accomplished colorist with a snazzy sense of design, she captures vitality with color and pattern. Magically she creates rhythm and movement. Much like Millikan’s fresh sense of existence, her work is never static, but lively, energetic and engaging. Influences have included living in Oaxaca, Mexico; her time spent at Joshua Tree, California, and life along the Northshore in Northern Minnesota. Her connection to nature is evident in her use of rich ochres, warm reds, deep purples, quinacridone golds, and the colors of the earth, sky, and water.

Stylistically she has roots in abstract expressionism. Her unique forms and individualistic color sense make it her own style. Linked to the emotion of Joy, this series succeeds in conveying delight in color and form. The lushness of the oils paints, their color, strokes, and vividness lead one down the path of pleasure as well.

From the limitations of acrylic paint (plastic polymers) Millikan leaped on the chance of returning to her beloved oil based paints. Terry Millikan has succeeded in using the attributes of oil paints into her effusively rich oil paintings. She has mastered color, form, rhythm and expression into powerful empathetic works of art. It is an honor to look at any of her new paintings and to, yes, experience the joy in her work.